A CUP OF BLACK: Costa Rica La Minita del Sol

Costa Rica is one of the few Latin American countries I have never visited, so I don’t have any stories to go along with this review.  A lot of my buddies have been to Costa Rica, and they all sing its praises as a very modern, progressive and ecologically oriented society.  Maybe someday…..

As for the La Minita del Sol coffee, I had to drink it a couple of times before I really appreciated it.  The first time I had it, it struck me as a very pleasant brew, smooth and mild, but with little to distinguish it from the mass-market Colombian Supremo.  This is a light-roast coffee, and the appearance of the roasted bean is indistinguishable from the Colombian Supremo, good aroma, no oil on the surface of the bean.

The second time I brewed this coffee, however, it struck me as quite different:  still very smooth, mild and pleasant, but this time it revealed more complexity and more subtle overtones than I had noticed the first time.  On the front of the tongue, the coffee is creamy smooth with just a hint of acidic bite.  As the coffee reaches the back of the mouth, however, the complexity emerges.  There are hints of citrus, orange or mild lime, maybe.  The biggest surprise was at the very back of the tongue there was a flavor that reminded me of the pure sugar cane syrup I was so fond of as a youth growing up in East Texas, not overtly sweet, but somehow reminiscent of the mild burnt sugar taste of that freshly refined cane syrup.  It made me wish I had a biscuit to go with it.

If you are a fan of mild, smooth but complex coffee, the La Minita del Sol is your brew.  Purchase at www.dancinggoats.com


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